About Us

AffiliateMeets is the brain-child of MegaRich Networks and Consults ltd.

We are a platform that help with releasing digital products that are not only of the highest quality; but create an environment where product creators can also easily sell their products and services to provide solution to problems.

For more than a decade now, we have been organizing seminars, trainings and workshops nationwide; mainly in tertiary institutions; where we train undergraduates on how to secure better career opportunities as well as get on the path to financial freedom through online investments and entrepreneurship.

Good news is that 1000s of youths got trained and many have gone ahead to become business owners, top executives and entrepreneurs; doing well in their own right.

However, one of the biggest issues we have always seen with our students is the challenge of stepping into the international scenes within the make money online community.

Everything seems to be fighting against them succeeding online; and not just with our students but Nigerians generally.

If it is not a payment processor, then it is a platform that can’t work with them.

And then platforms started springing up that catered for the needs of Nigerians; and these platforms saw a meteoric rise especially during the global lockdown in 2020.

However, despite being immensely beneficial to Nigerians, these platforms cost an entrance fee that was beyond the reach of many of our students.

And that is when our students started crying out to us to set up a platform that can serve them as well, and enable them make money legitimately online through affiliate marketing or selling their own products.

A platform that could help them polish their online skills, and take them on the path to self-reliance; and that they don’t have to cough out an entrance fee to join.

That is how AffiliateMeets came into existence!