Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions often thrown at us.

is affiliatemeets free to join?

Signing up with AffiliateMeets is totally FREE, with no monetary obligations for Affiliates.  However, if you are planning to list your products on our platform, then you can check up our vendor application to see what it takes.

how much can you earn monthly?

No one can GUARANTEE you on what you can earn from any form of business, especially with affiliate marketing. However, if you put in the TIME to learn the business, follow set strategies and implement our strategies in the Affiliate Income Blueprint, you should make money. But, still we don’t give any guarantee. You could make ZERO money, or 5Million monthly. Everyone differs, and circumstances differs as well. Your best bet would be to kickstart today, and be among those winning it with Affiliate Marketing using our course.

can you start promoting products right away?

All it takes is just a few minutes to sign up for FREE and you can start promoting products on our platform right away.

how do i get paid?

You get PAID into your bank account on the 15th Day of every month.

Find out more about our payments when you READ OUR TERMS.

can i get payments screenshots to share with my leads?

This seems to be the trend in many circles when it comes to doing affiliate marketing. We DON’T share PAYMENTS SCREENSHOTS. While we encourage our affiliates to use every legal strategies to make sales, and show payments screenshots IF and WHEN really needed, making the sharing of payments screenshots as a CORE means of marketing our products and gaining customers is not advised. That’s why we SERIOUSLY advise ALL AFFILIATES to get our training on Affiliate Marketing so as to get their game up with this business.

can i list my products on affiliatemeets?

You can list your products with us on approval as a VENDOR. Check up our vendor application page to see what it takes.

i have other questions to ask?

For further questions, use our CONTACT form and reach out to us. Thanks.