How You Can Start Making Atleast N250k - N500k Online Every Month Selling Other People's Products and Services or Your Own Products Using The

Direct Marketing Revamped Selling Strategy

The Newbie Strategy That You Can Use To Kickstart Your Online Business From Home And NEVER Worry About Any Recession Or Inflation!


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With This Video Training and Softwares:

If you are struggling to make sales online, you might have been told that:

  • you are targeting the wrong audience
  • your copy is not good enough
  • you are selling the wrong product
  • You are not using sales funnel….

Or that you are doing everything wrong!

Right now, you are almost getting frustrated and fed up with the whole making money online thingy. You just want to make sales online for goodness sake; and take care of your loved ones and their bills, travel round the world and not get stuck with a day job.

This now seems to be a faraway dream.

Well, I do feel your pains!

I am about to make your dreams of making massive sales online come true. 

But First, I want To Know What Kind Of Products or Services You Are Selling……

Are you selling physical ecommerce products?

Are you into affiliate marketing?

Or are you selling your own digital products?

Or could it be you are selling your own services or selling on behalf of a brand or company?

Well, it doesn’t matter what you are selling as am about to REVEAL to you how you can practically sell ANYTHING online.

I Want To Reveal For The Very First Time, How I Kill It Steadily Online Making Massive Sales While Travelling From One State Of The Country To The Other Doing What I Love Most…….Which Is Holding Seminar Events And Impacting Knowledge.

You see, have so refined my selling strategy that I can almost guarantee you will make massive sales as many of my students are doing.

It’s this same strategy that has enabled me sell thousands of my physical books, digital products and services across 28 states of the country.

But, What is The Direct Marketing Revamped Strategy?

I Guess This Is Where I have to Introduce Myself…..

Name – Daniel Ogbeifun

Present Location – Hotel Room, Abuja

Time – Feb, 2021

daniel ogbeifun 1 2

How The Direct Market Revamped Selling Strategy Was Discovered….ACCIDENTALLY!

My name is Daniel Ogbeifun…an Author, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Coach..

I want you to indulge me, and pay attention to what am about to share with you. Actually, its how the DMR selling strategy was invented….and how it is going to help change the way you sell online for better results.

In 2007, I started my first company right in a student’s hostel; Nelson Mandela Hostel. I was a fresh graduate, having graduated from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka; as a Mechanical and Production Engineering student.

I wish I could say that I searched for jobs, and went for many interviews for years before deciding to venture into online business. I have read so many similar stories like that.

But such was NEVER my case.

I have never written any CV or cover letter, or submitted any, in a bid to search for a job.

Not at all.

The thing is that, I was fortunate to have read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki in my final year at the University and that changed my orientation on the white collar job thingy.

The inspiration from that book made me decide to start my own firm.

I asked myself, What are you damn good at, and can sell?

Well, right from time, have always had that innate skill and knack of being able to put my thoughts into written words and move people emotionally.

With that in mind, and with partnership with a Career Consultant, I decided to write two books…one on Job Interviews, and the other on Internet Business.

We printed 2,000 copies initially.

With the help of the partner, we trained up 8 team members on packaging and psychological marketing.

The very first week of Direct Marketing at UNIBEN saw the books selling more than 1000 copies at N2, 000 each grossing N2million and making a profit of more than N1million after expenses.

The success of the sales process shocked everyone!

That was 13years ago.

We went ahead to publish GMAT and a host of other Career, Investment and Online Business books that sold across the 28 states of the federation at the NYSC orientation exercises and tertiary institutions.

All these were achieved using Direct Market, and I have since PERFECTED this strategy down to a T.

I love making sales!

It’s thrilling.

It’s exhilarating.

It’s fulfilling.

And very important, it brings in the moolah!

I then took that same Direct Marketing strategy that generated millions for my team and myself, REFINED it, to meet with online marketing and I got even better results.

I have been able to not only master the science and art of selling, but use it to generate massive sales for my digital and physical products, as well as for my clients.

I re-engineered the Direct Marketing selling strategy into what I call the Direct Marketing Revamped selling strategy.

Why You Should Consider The  Direct Marketing Revamped Strategy!

Me and My Team, Have Packaged This Whole Direct Marketing Revamped Selling Strategy Into a Coaching Program, and WE Can Boldly Say That You Will Be Able To Sell ANYTHING Online!


Mastering The Science & Arts of Selling ANYTHING Online

The Last Coaching Program on Selling Online You will Ever Need To Buy!


If you have been struggling to make sales for your physical ecommerce products, your  digital products, or coaching services; then worry no more. The Video trainings, alongside the suite of online marketing applications and softwares will ENSURE you make resounding sales.

How Does It Work?

This training program will show you EVERYTHING you will need to start making MASSIVE sales and totally killing it online in just 5 EASY DOABLE STEPS.

Appealing Product

Online Branding

Sales Engine Control

Targeted Traffic

Sales Rain Galore

Sounds Easy, Right? And That’s Because It Is. However, You Will Need To Put In Some Amount Of Work!

If you are the type that is scared of putting REAL efforts in things that can give you LEGIT income, but prefer MAGIC BUTTONS like MMM, then stop reading right now. This is certainly not for you.


Some amount of work is involved but once set up, will keep on making money for you for life, like an ATM pump.

What You Get In this Amazing Package

Benefit #1: Gain Product Omniscience

Learn the “Secret Arts” of picking winning products from any Affiliate Program, create winning products or source for imported physical products the right way.

Forget what you believe you already know about product research or picking winning products; unless of course you are already making 8-Figures in your business.

With what you will learn here, you will be able to know before time if the product you are creating, or sourcing or promoting will sell.

This is KEY to this strategy, even though you can sell anything.

Benefit #2: Online Rapture Experience

There is a “Right Way” to promote your brand online; get it wrong and you will pay the price of zero sales. This is one KEY reason why many are struggling to make sales online. Whether you are selling your products and services, or promoting other peoples products, you need to get this right.

When your brand gets trust, loyalty and authority, you will find it easier to make massive sales.

Many businesses NEVER learn to get this right.

Benefit #3: Sales Engine Control

Learn how to automate the Sales Process using super converting “Sales Engines”. Sales Funnels and all its components are key to raking in massive profits online, and everyone should be building them.

However, not everyone knows how to build sales funnels the right way. Its not about building “Fancy Sales Pages”. Not at all.

You will learn how to build a sales engine that will power your business and ensure that you continually make sales even while you sleep; all on almost autopilot.

Benefit #4: Traffic Tap Rush

Finally, learn how to get unlimited eye balls and traffic to ALL your offers and never have a traffic problem ever again. This will ensure you get a continual flow of leads and massive sales without the struggle.

There is NEVER a traffic problem as many complain about; that is, if you know how to tap into unlimited traffic source.

You will learn how to tap into laser targeted traffic source no matter the product or service you are offering. 

You will learn how to run converting ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and YouTube; the right way without getting banned.

This is GOLDEN as you never have to depend on just one traffic source.

Benefit #5: Sales Rain Rush

When the sales starts rushing in, it is easy to get sidetracked and satisfied. Not with what you will learn here.

You will see how you can cash in on the customers you already have that have purchased your products, and tap into their subconscious to make them open their wallets every time to purchase anything you offer to them; whether it’s your own products or not…as long as you are giving value.

Customers Testimonials

Our Products & Services Are As Great As The Clients Say!

..I have been opportuned to attend both his live and offline both Career Development and Digital Marketing and his trainings are majorly part of what took me o the position where I am in my company today. While the job interviewing coaching are topnotch, his digital marketing skills and experience are something else. I continually marvel at how easy it is for him to sell, and teach people to do same...and the little have picked from him took my own coaching business as an electrical engineer to a whole new level...
osahon 2
Osahon Agbonghae
HOD, ELDI (Electronics Development Institute), Awka
As a law student in my final year, I was totally clueless on what is obtainable in the job interview, and corporate arena....I learnt not just how to sell my skillsets, but to sell myself as well.....I have taken some of his trainings, and gotten coached under his brand. I have gotten knowledge and skills that has helped with my side hustles in the digital world, even though am a Barrister and mother of two will learn alot more than just what is listed on this page. I advise to just get this training right now!
efeoghene 2
Blessing Efeoghene
Senior Associate, The Law Zoomers Chambers
I met him in an affiliate platform, and immediately got in touch with him through a chat messages his knowledge of the digital space was just too obvious. In just a few weeks of meeting him, and putting his selling tips to practice, my sales skyrocketed and i was able to build a brand name for myself...before then, have been selling online for years, and though i was getting results, the sales were nothing to write home about. Now, I recommend his coaching and courses to ALL my new leads and clients.
onyinye anna anabogu removebg preview
Annastasia Akabogu
Senior Accountant, Car Dealership Firm, Lagos

This Training Also Comes With The Amazing FunnelScript Tool That Makes Selling Online Easier!

You Wont Find These Anywhere Else, and Is worth More Than $1, 000!

Sales Letter, Email Ads and Phone Scripts App.

AutoFunnel Scripts


“Get ALL Of Your Sales Letters, Scripts And Webinar Slides, Emails And Ads Written” In as little as 5mins without hiring Expensive copywriters

No writing or sales experience needed to create sales messages in minutes…

Are you TIRED of not getting enough sales?

Chances are,  It’s not your product that’s the issue.   The ISSUE could be your Copywriting ( Emails, Sales Letters,  Headlines, etc.)

The biggest difference between those products and services that have sold millions and those that fail miserably, has almost nothing to do with the quality of what’s being sold.

While, of course, quality is important, it doesn’t make the sale … it’s the copywriting that does that.

You could HIRE a copywriter, who  cost $100 per hour or Train yourself but that would take YEARS to be decent writer.

Presenting AutoFunnelScripts

AutoFunnelScripts is your all in 1 platform for ready to go custom copywriting materials.

With AutoFunnelScripts,  You Will Be Able To:

  • Generate TOP Converting Copywriting Materials
  • Convert More via Emails & Websites
  • Phone Scripts That Help You Become Badass cold caller
  • Get Access to WORLD CLASS Copywriting Examples
  • You will INSTANTLY become a BETTER Marketer

STEP #1 Select A Topic & Template.
Track each visitor individually to see how they arrived on your site, how often they come back and if they made or took an action.

This lets you optimize and understand your conversion flow so you know exactly what's working and what's not working.


STEP #2 Answer Few Questions.
Answer simple questions to help AutoFunnelScript customize the writing for you & your business.

Usually takes about 1 minute. You can even SKIP this part if you want to create a "pre-set" responses so the system know the answer to these questions ahead of time.


STEP #3 That's It. Copy Is Ready.
That's All. Your writing is READY and SAVED. You can customize it further or use it whenever you need to.

Yup! That's How Easy It Was...

funnel bonus

Wait, There's More. You Will Also Get: Billion Dollar Copywriting Ideas.

Collection Of Copywriting Materials That Have Done Billion Dollars In Sales From The Best Agencies and Legendary Copywriters In The Planet. This probably is worth x10 the price you will invest today.

Super Bonus #2: Viral Video & Image Creator Software.

a1Social Pro

a1social pro

Instantly Create VIRAL Videos & Images For FaceBook /Instagram / LinkedIn.

A Must Have Software For All Marketers & Entrepreneurs!

Use A1SocialPRO in 3 Simple Steps


Upload Video/Image

Upload Your video or image you would like to turn into a social media post.


Customize Video/Image

Edit your video or image how every you like with custom colors ,fonts, emoticons, Image overlay etc.


3. Download & Use

Once your video or image is perfect, you can download it and use it as a post on Social Media.

Monthly LIVE Webinars & Trainings

Monthly Webinars on Digital Marketing

Webinar 1

This Purchase Gives You Access To Our Monthly Webinars on Digital Marketing, and Everything Related To Selling Online!

Get all your questions and marketing challenges answered during our live sessions.

This Value of This Is IMMEASURABLE!

If You Buy Now, You Will Get The Additional  Bonuses Listed Below

Crazy bonuses just to make sure you succeed with your business and make massive sales online!

Fast Action Bonus #1


Social Video Ads and Meme Creator

Fast Action Bonus #2

membership script

Membership & Affiliate Platform Script

Fast Action Bonus #3

Group 98 1

Web Based Notification Application

Fast Action Bonus #4

cartflows pro gplmonster

Cartflows Pro Funnel Builder

Fast Action Bonus #5


Elementor Pro and Addon Plugins

Fast Action Bonus #6

sales funnels

Elementor Sales & Leads Funnel Templates

Super Bonus #7: 300+ Editable Ecover Templates In Photoshop Formats

300+ Ecover Templates & 3D Mockups


“Get ALL the Ecover templates you would ever need for any type of project” for your Kindle, 3D ecover, Product Ecovers, Mockups, etc.

This comes in beautifully Pro designed covers for all occasions, and saves you $1,000s in contracting graphics designer.

No matter your needs, you will find it in these 300+ DFY eCover templates!

Super Bonus #8: Powerpoint Explainer Video DFY Templates

Powerpoint Explainer Videos

maxresdefault 33

“Get access to hundreds of PowerPoint explainer video assets and create any kind of videos in minutes!” Social ads, YouTube ads, presentation slides, etc. becomes easy; and this is especially cool for those who are shy to show on Camera.

Very easy to customize.

Just replace your pictures and add background music and you are good to go. You have just created a Pro video! 

Comes with training tutorials….and you can start creating videos in minutes using PowerPoint templates.

Additionally, Get Trained In The Most Converting  ADs Platform And Become a Pro Ads Expert!

You Don’t Ever Need To Rely On Just One Means Of Advertising Online Ever Again. Skyrocket Your Sales By Using Several Means Of Paid Adverts Like The Pro!

Facebook Logo PNG Transparent Like 17

Facebook Ads Mastery - Generating Leads & Sales

Detailed straightforward over-the-shoulder Facebook ads training on the key areas of marketing; which is making sales and generating targeted quality leads….fast!

No matter your level with Facebook advertising, you will get away with NUGGETS that will take your campaigns to a whole new progressive level.

Special attention to:

  • avoiding ads rejection
  • ads campaign set up for leads and sales generation.
  • handling and preventing Facebook bans
  • Business manager and page compliances
  • what Facebook actually NEEDS from you concerning your ADS account, and never experience bans or ads rejection (THIS ONE IS HOT!)
twitter logo 4

Twitter Ads Mastery - Generating Leads & Sales

Twitter is a powerful means of getting REAL targeted traffic to your offers, especially in Nigeria; but very few smart marketers are using this means of advertising.

The fact is that you can use twitter to drive a boatload of sales..and some of it’s targeting features are completely out of this world.

If you are serious with your marketing, then you MUST add twitter to it today, and this training shows you just how to get it done.

If you want to get real leads and sales, then adding twitter is what you should be doing.

When you see what we have inside this training, you will wonder why it was not sold as a separate offer.


LinkedIn Ads Mastery - Generating Leads & Sales

LinkedIn is not reputed to be the platform for profesionals for nothing, and this brands have got the money to spend if you have got na product that is worth it.

Noted, this is not a place where you can promote ‘lean products’ but if you have a product or services that adds real value and solves a key problem, then you will mske loads of sales and get leads with your promotion.

This traini9ng positions you, and places you in a position to cash in on the laser targeted and RICH traffic that ONLY LinkedIn can provide for you.

The information available in this training ALONE is worth more than the cost of the entire course!

youtube PNG21

YouTube Ads Mastery - Generating Leads & Sales

Detailed starightforward over-the-shoulder facebook ads training on the key areads of marketing; which is making sales and generating targeted needs….fast!

No matter your level with facebook advertising, you will get away with NUGGETS that will take your campaigns to a whole new progressive level.

Special attention to:

  • avoding ads rejection
  • handling facebook bans
  • what facebook actually NEEDS from you concerning your ADS account, and never experience bans or ads rejection(THIS ONE IS HOT!)

Google Ads Mastery - Generating Leads & Sales

Detailed starightforward over-the-shoulder facebook ads training on the key areads of marketing; which is making sales and generating targeted needs….fast!

No matter your level with facebook advertising, you will get away with NUGGETS that will take your campaigns to a whole new progressive level.

Special attention to:

  • avoding ads rejection
  • handling facebook bans
  • what facebook actually NEEDS from you concerning your ADS account, and never experience bans or ads rejection(THIS ONE IS HOT!)

Are The Information & Bonuses Too Much, and You Are Worried For Time To Consume Everything?
You Are Getting Lifetime Access.

Here is a recap of all that you will be getting!

You Will NEVER See Such A Power-Packed Training Program On Selling Online!

Don't Delay. Get Access TODAY Before The Price Goes Up!

You have seen how powerful and versatile the Direct Marketing Revamped selling strategy is, and we have gone the extra mile to provide you with mind-bogging tools to skyrocket your online sales process.

The final decision now rests on you!

Are you going to continue with half-asssed methods that everyone is doing, and that don’t deliver favorable results like:

  • posting on your WhatsApp status; this is annoying to many of your contacts, and they just mute you.
  • focusing on just one means of driving traffic and adverts that has been slowly strangling your business.
  • going continually from one training to the other, and becoming a guru / mentor worshipper.

Make this year different and profitable.

The longer you delay getting access to this training, the more your business suffers. 

Wasted time!

Wasted funds!

If You Secure The Purchase Now, You Will Get It At A Very Special Price

So be the first to cash in on this deal right now! The price will go up…and this is not fake scarcity

Once I Get A Certain Number Of People, The Price Of This Program Will Go Up SHARPLY, Or I Remove It From The Marketplace So I Can Focus On The New Trainees.

arrow 2 150x230 1

Mastering The Science and Arts of Selling ANYTHING Online

Get Instant Access Now


The ONLY and COMPLETE Video Training and Coaching Program You Need To Sell Online!

Get Instant Access At $70, 000 Time Limited Discounted Price:

Here’s the catch: The price listed above is just going to stay for a short time. 

So after roughly first 500 purchases, the price will increase at least 100%

30 Day Guarantee 1

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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