Sendiio autoresponder review

Sendiio Review – Best AutoResponder Platform For Affiliate and Digital Marketers

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Sendiio Review - Best Autoresponder For Affiliate Marketers

warning - we only ever give real reviews of products we have used, still use or that our partners and clients use and we deem beneficial to your online journey. so, these products will either save you time, or help with making you more money. we do get some commssions for products we recommend, if you do buy through our links, but rest assured that we value our relationship with you compared to the affiliate commissions.

In this article, I will show you why the Sendiio autoresponder should be your go to email marketing platform for building an email list, especially as an affiliate marketer; or if you don’t want to be tied down to a monthly autoresponder payment and still get your emails delivered too the inbox EVERYTIME.


When it comes to online marketing in any form, building an email list, and keeping a constant and good relationship with your customers…or list generally is fundamental to any business success.


For digital marketers, especially affiliate marketers, building an email list, and relating with that list on a constant level is KEY to making huge income online.


As a matter of fact, it has always been hammered that the money is in the list.


Whether you agree with that dictum or not about money being in the list or not, one thing remains a fact. You need to build a relationship with your customers or prospective customers.


That is where an email marketing platform comes really handy.


An email marketing platform helps you with sending both transactional and promotional emails to your list.


Transaction email, in simple terms are email you send to your customers without hard selling them while promotional emails as the name implies involves emails that tries to sell a product or service to a prospect.


For affiliate marketers, and most digital marketers, promotional emails is the foundation to the success of their business, as they often will not make money without selling to their prospects; which is the key reason they decided to get into building an email list in the first place.


This is where Sendiio autoresponder comes into play.


Without mincing words or overhyping it, Sendiio email marketing platform and autoresponder is downright one of the most powerful list building and marketing tool on the planet.


Now, wait a minute!


Am not just saying this because I want to get a commission; though that wouldn’t be a bad thing in itself. I am saying this as a digital marketer who have tried a couple of some of the so-called best email marketing platforms we have in the space.


While other email marketing platforms and autoresponders do deliver and have been around for probably decades, but they are often overhyped in their deliverability and features.


The moment you start using Sendiio autoresponder, and understand how it works; which is pretty easy; you will probably throw away all the other overpriced and overhyped autoresponders and email marketing platforms you have been using; or just decide to add Sendiio to your set of tools.


Okay, let me pause here!


You might not decide to relegate or throw away your old and cherished email marketing platform as you probably have all your list tied up there, and profitable email sequences set up.


But you will see the reasons to pick up Sendiio Autoresponder right now, and back up all your lists and start using the platform; especially if you are an affiliate marketer with 90% of your mails being promotional.

An Unbiased Analysis of Sendiio

Product Quality

The Sendiio autoresponder app is one of the best products out there on the JVZOO platform and since its creation has undergone several updates, and recently an upgrade.

More features are continually being added.

The product without doubt is of the highest quality, and comparable to the likes of GetResponse and Aweber; if not even better, when you compare features; and all for a one-time price.

Vendor History

Sendiio was created by Joshua Zamora and its team. Joshua Zamora is a top product creator renowned for creating some of the best softwares and apps in the digital marketing world. Although years back, I bought a product with the upsells from him that ended closing up with many customers losing out, he made up for it by giving an alternative app to customers.

Also, the problem was not from him, but his partner.

Since then, he has maintained a top clean record, always at the top of the game, creating some of the best apps you could find anywhere.

This is a vendor we would promote his product anytime without fears, and Sendiio is perhaps our best buy on the JVZoo platform till date.

Offer Value

For the one-time pricing, Sendiio is a total steal. With loads of features and an Agency license to go with, you would not be smart not to get in now while it is still at a one-time pricing.

Even if you are already using another autoresponder for your marketing, just get Sendiio already.

Truth In Selling

The vendor is someone that has been in the industry for a pretty long time, and have bought a couple of his products.

Joshua Zamora is quite straightforward, and a rarity in the make money online space. His products are not overly hyped, and delivers EXACTLY what is promised, and then some more.

detailed look at the features of sendiio

sendiio feature 1
sendiio autoresponder features 1
sendiio features 2
sendiio autoresponder features 2
sendiio feature 3
sendiio autoresponder features 3

more features in the new version

The new upgraded version of Sendiio came with even more features than ever before.

sendiio new 1
sendiio new 2
sendiio new 3a
sendiio new 4
sendiio new 5
sendiio new 6
sendiio new 7
sendiio new 8

As you can see, the Sendiio Autoresponder and Marketing Platform is the bomb; and certainly what any digital marketer, business or affiliate marketer would want in their arsenal of tools.

But, the whole deal doesnt just end there!

Sendiio comes packed with some powerful upsells that takes the App to a whole new level.

Truth, you can use Sendiio just as it is, and get your email delivered to the inbox; but these additions takes your Sendiio app from being just an AK47 to a Scud Missile when it comes to marketing.

let's take a look at the upsells

Sendiio front end & upsells


Sendiio Agency


Sendiio Academy


Sendiio Elite


Sendiio VA


Sendiio Booster


Sendiio Ramp


I will repeat that Sendiio can work on its own without the need for the UPSELLS; however, the upsells make Sendiio even more of a powerhouse and puts the competition to shame.

No other autoresponder that i know of, and I know pretty much many of them, can compare to the features of Sendiio and all for a one time price.

For the Upsells, I picked Upsells 3 and 4, as they ADDED a whole loads of features to what is needed for my digital marketing business.

If you already have a solid foundation of email marketing and how to drive traffic, you wouldnt really need upsell 1, and if you are comfortable with configuring your own SMTP using cpanel, then no need for the ELITE upsell 2.

Upsell 5 might be what you would need to consider just for getting ideas for email marketing, and if you want to get up and going fast. 

I didn’t get Upsell 5, as I write all my email sequences myself.

here are some handpicked bonuses directly from the sendiio team


Bonus #1 – access to the agency included for a limited time (value of $ 997): it is easily valued at more than $997, because you will also be able to offer 3 different services to your AGENCE clients, you will be able to provide your customers email marketing services to their customers, be able to launch profitable SMS campaigns for your customers AND dramatically increase their sales and subscriptions with FB Messenger Marketing Automated!

Bonus # 2 – Twitter Auto-Responder Update ($97 / month value): Yes, we really took things to the next label by letting you take advantage of the power of Twitter too, Twitter is still there one of the online social traffic KINGS and with this bonus, you will have the two largest fully automated social platforms at your fingertips.

Bonus # 3 – Voicemail Drops Without a Ringtone ($97 / month value): Not one, but two powerful forms of marketing today. This update will allow you to create campaigns that will go DIRECTLY to the most used device of your customers. You can tap into text messages and their voicemail messages.

Bonus # 4 – 90-minute live training session (value of $497): In addition to an ALREADY amazing software tool, we are going to go the extra mile here and organize a 90-minute live teaching session, where we explain EXACTLY how to hit the ground with Sendiio.

Bonus #5 – Training step by step on the configuration of Sendiio with the SMTP server of your hosting: Do you REALLY want to have ZERO monthly charges for your automatic answering machine? So, in this bonus training, we are going to explain to you exactly how to configure sendiio on your own hosting server so that you never have to pay a penny a month to “big box” answering machines. We will show you not only how to configure it, but also how to ensure you get maximum deliverability!

here are some more handpicked SUPER bonuses that will make this product even better


Ecom Mock Up 01 1

my personal Video Guide on how I configure Sendiio App on cpanel to deliver to inbox

With this bonus, you get a birds eye view on how I configure Sendiio for our clients to get mails delivered to inbox every time. Included is also the text file on what needs to be uploaded on cpanel.

(NGN 10,000 VALUE)

Lead Mockup 1

Handling & Preventing Facebook Account Ban Issues For Your BM and Ad Accounts

For every marketing, learning how to handle and prevent facebook account ban issues is a MUST. This video training shows you all you need. Even if you are already a Pro facebook marketer, you will get loads of value from this Bonus.

(NGN 15,000 VALUE)

digital funnel mockup 1

Copywriting Resources

This UNIQUE bonus gives you access to some of my TOP copywriting resources. Being good with copywriting, even email copywriting, is a great skill that will make you more money, and get more leads for years to come.

(NGN 45,000 VALUE)

These are not PLR products, but REAL ORIGINAL products, some a part of what I sell; and that I feel will be of great help to all who purchase Sendiio using my link.

You CAN'T get them anywhere else!

make sure you see the name Daniel ogbeifun or 318647

To Claim your bonuses

order now gif
make sure you see the name Daniel ogbeifun or 318647

In Conclusion

Sendiio is an amazing tool that any digital or affiliate marketer should seriously consider adding to his or her arsenal of tools.

If you do anything marketing related, either for yourself, or for clients; and you need an autoresponder that DELIVERS TO INBOX with a suite of marketing tools, as well as one time payment, then get Sendiio today.

You won’t regret it!

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